Why Choose Us


Over the years DubaiUsedCarDealer.com has worked hard to ensure long term customer relationship, asking ourselves why you choose us? The reviews by our customers speak about DubaiUsedCarDealer.com fair and hassle free dealing. Moreover, DubaiUsedCarDealer.com surpasses all other means of selling your used car.

  • Classified sites

Over the years the world has progressed and developed modern means of business. One way of selling your used car  is through many famous classified sites But selling your used car through these classified sites is very expensive as you have to pay regularly for keeping your ads posted. It is a lengthy process and very frustrating indeed to attend calls or answer emails, manage appointments and test drive with the hesitant buyers. In the end Result might be Just waste of Time and Money. You might end up with NO CASH and NO CAR.

  • Newspaper advertisement

The regular publishing of your ads is costly and even if you succeed in selling your car the overall turn out can be little. In short it can be a lengthy process of meeting people just interested in inspecting your used car, rather than buying one. In the end Result might be Just waste of Time and Money, AGAIN!

  • Auto Showrooms

One might think of selling his used car by letting the dealers display your car in one of many car showrooms for many days with no guarantee of selling it. More over you have to pay 15% to 20% Commission to the Showroom.

  • Other car buying websites

Other Car buying Websites provides car buying services such as Fake High Automated Calculated Offers to attract and bring you to their office, resulting into a waste of time. Giving you very low offer because they might be a broker which doesn’t have their own capital to invest on your car but they will give any lesser offer they will find through their third party limited sources. The saddening part is you sell your car for very cheap price but they will make a good money out of it without investing a single penny. In the end result is waste of time and frustration.

Choosing DubaiUsedCarDealer.com is the smartest way to do so because of the following:

DubaiUsedCarDealer.com is UAE’s First Online Car Buying Company which INSPECT & BUY Your Car at Your DOORSTEP in 15 Minutes! With NO Broker or Middle Man Involved!

  • DubaiUsedCarDealer.com is the ONLY online company which invests their own capital to buy your car with NO Broker or any Third Party Sources.
  • DubaiUsedCarDealer.com has its own evaluation team based on highly trained and professional staff, which will give you initial online value for your used car.
  • DubaiUsedCarDealer.com offers FREE of cost Inspections at your doorstep or at our branches to quote you the best market value.
  • DubaiUsedCarDealer.com guarantees to buy any car within just 15 minutes and give INSTANT CASH payment.
  • DubaiUsedCarDealer.com customer’s Don’t have to wait for the amount to be transferred in your bank account. We pay you in CASH right at the spot the deal is done.
  • DubaiUsedCarDealer.com offers FREE OF COST DOCUMENTATION as it is a registered company and will make all the process easy.
  • DubaiUsedCarDealer.com customer’s doesn’t have to worry about the car transfer paper and sales agreement as we ensure a quick and efficient transfer of ownership.

Finally you can say that DubaiUsedCarDealer.com can buy ANY CAR in 15 Minutes at your DOORSTEP or any of our branches with FREE Evaluations, FREE Inspections, FREE Documentation, FREE Collection with Instant CASH Payment!

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a used car? Inspect it before you buy it!