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This service is specially for people who are buying used car from private out source

Why should I inspect before I buy?

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To see a used car you want to buy with your bare eyes is not a reason for you to consider it. strongly recommends professional consultants to check the real condition of the car inside and out performance wise. Our aim is to help you and guide you decide wisely about your chosen used car from a private source. We guarantee that your transaction will be out of fraud or shall we say fake. To make it clear, our Pre-Purchase Inspection Service will reveal the following points of the car:



Real Mileage Test Body Paint Condition
Body Accident Report Full Diagnostic Computer Test
Engine Mechanical Test Engine Computer Diagnosis
Gear Condition Test Gear Computer Diagnosis
Airbags Report Electrical Component Test
AC Checkup Suspensions Condition Test
Brake Condition Bearings & Differential Test
Battery Test Tyres & Rims Condition



Save Your Time & Money., gives you right to choose wisely.

  • Discover Hidden Faults Before you Buy Used Car
  • Know the Real Value of Car
  • Save your Time & Money
  • Book Pre-Purchase Inspection