Part Exchange

Part Exchange Service


Using your existing car as part exchange for a new one is of course, very common practice and this is a service which has been provided by for saving time of the valued customer.

Part-exchange is the easiest way when selling your used car to i.e. to trade in your old car with new UPGRADED version or in other case if you want to DOWN GRADE your car. ensures that the value of your used car will be thoroughly calculated according to the car condition and market value of your used car, there is NO HAGGLING involved  in price estimation, moreover, will make the whole process very simple and easy for you, by detailing about all the cars available in the stock. being the leading car dealership in UAE has a wide variety of used cars available with different makes and model. You can easily select from the available cars with the guarantee of being in mint condition. also provides DISCOUNT on the new car when you trade in with your used car.

HOW IT WORKS provides the facility of part exchange for its valued customer.  The customer can get the used car evaluated first by our trained and professional staff after that if the customer wishes to trade in old used car for another better choice; our experts will walk you through all the details of the process.

With you can easily trade in your used car for a new one as have variety of cars available and all are in mint condition having all the necessary documentation and test certificate i.e. tested from RTA.


  • Customer can make better deals by part exchanging their old car as will provide discount on all the available cars for its valued customers, along with real price evaluation for your used car.
  • Trade-in a car constitutes the best way to go about exchanging an old set of wheels for a new one; the trade-in will benefit the customer as it’s time saving. You don’t have to sell your car separately and then find means to buy a new one.
  • A trade-in also presents an appealing alternative to trying to sell a used vehicle as a private party seller. Going through placing a car classified ad, meeting prospective buyers, and all the rest of it can cost you time and money.
  • Additional costs – Along with the time spent in selling a used car initially and then finding another one for buying, there are also additional costs that the owner may not have considered. For example costs of minor repairs may come into play or buying the car from unauthorized dealers can be risky. A used car owner may spend more time and energy refurbishing their car for resale then it may be not worthy. All of this can be avoided by trading in the car to as we can figure out what to do with it.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a used car? Inspect it before you buy it!