Terms and Conditions


Online Evaluation

DubaiUsedCardEaler.com provides online evaluation of your car based on the accuracy of the car information given on our website. DubaiUsedCarDealer.com’s online evaluation is based on the Real Current Market Value of your car and not an Online Automatic Evaluation Calculator which results into inaccurate and fake market value. This shall serve as the initial offer for your car to be able to proceed for FREE Inspection. By this way DubaiUsedCarDealer.com eliminates the long process of negotiation and avoids giving attractive fake offers resulting into wastage of time. DubaiUsedCarDealer.com strictly implements a straight forward deal. No more haggling this time!

Free Inspection

DubaiUsedCarDealer.com provides Free Inspection upon your preferred location at your doorstep or at our available branches. Free doorstep inspection is available within Dubai Area only else it is a must to visit our available branches. Free Inspection is given to customer who already agreed on the Initial Offer given during the Vehicle Evaluation process. It is a must to register your car online and receive evaluation, this is for us to respond to your request in a quick and smarter way.

Payment Terms

DubaiUsedCarDealer.com strictly implements a CASH on the spot payment. This is to satisfy and assure customers of a safe and genuine transaction. However DubaiUsedCarDealer.com, is not close to only one option of payment to better serve customers convenience. Upon request DubaiUsedCarDealer.com may provide the following method of payment: (1.) Cheque Payment Method (2.) Online Bank Transfer (3.) Direct Bank Deposit. DubaiUsedCarDealer.com always strive hard on giving excellence and quality service.

Selling Agreement

DubaiUsedCarDealer.com guarantees a secure transaction by enclosing each and every deal with Legal Process of Selling Agreement. This allows both the buyer (DubaiUsedCarDealer.com) and seller (valued customer) to have a written proof of agreement on the stated conditions, statements, descriptions and any course of sale conditions mentioned between both parties.

Customer’s Liability

DubaiUsedCarDealer.com strictly imposes a genuine transaction at all times and to be able to attain such mission is for you (our valued customers) to initiate it by giving True and Accurate Vehicle Information. Such as: physical condition, vehicle basic information, odometer reading has not been changed in any way, defects and any information regarding to the vehicle.

Terms for Financed Cars

DubaiUsedCarDealer.com commits to buy any car of any condition in a reasonable and decent manner. Specifically for Financed Cars.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a used car? Inspect it before you buy it!